Ordinance #85

Relating to the placement of mobile homes.  All new mobile homes being placed inside the city limits must meet certain guidelines, RV's must also follow certain new regulations.


 NEW COMMUNITY CENTER IS AVAILABLE FOR RENT FOR PARTIES, WEDDINGS AND REUNIONS.  The rate is $150/day for City of Tuscola residents and $250/day for non-residents.  Please call the office to inquire about availability. Half day rates are also available.



Ordinance # 78

Regulating Peddlers.  All solicitors must have a permit issued by City Hall.  Citizens may put there address on a NO SOLICITORS LIST, come see us at City Hall to find out about this ordinance.


Ordinance #79

Regulating Golf Carts.  The City Council has passed an ordinance that permits the use of golf carts if you apply for a permit at City Hall, come see us about requirements.

Ordinance #80

Regulating Animal Control.  The City

Council has passed an ordinance that

regulates animals within the City. 

Come into City Hall to check compliance.

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Need to locate contact information? Find the right person to talk to in the local city offices of Tuscola now. 

City of Tuscola
418 Graham Street

Tuscola, TX 79562

325 554-7766


please visit Jim Ned CISD website if you are looking for information about the schools

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The History of Our City

John L. Graham,  a prominent landowner in the area in 1884 along with his wife and six children lived alongside Jim Ned Creek. In the mid-1890's Mr. Graham offered free land to anyone willing to establish a business to serve the public,  in repsonse to his offer, Isham Wright and R.C. Malone constructed a cotton gin, and David H. Cole opened a general store and was appointed the town's first postmaster. Tuscola's name was proposed by Dr. C.M. cash, in honor of his birthplace in Illinois, and the town came into existence as a recognized community on April 6, 1899.  Dr. C. M. Cash, began a medical practice in the town the same year, and this was followed in 1900 by a blacksmith shop opened by W.A. Henderson and later the addition of a school building.  By the this time, Tuscola had become an important center of activity in the Jim Ned Valley, populated by more than a dozen families along the upper stretches of the east and west forks of the Jim Ned Creek.  In 1907, the Abilene Southern had been built through the valley and in 1910, the Santa Fe crossed the valley, both railroads had depots with loading docks and the Santa Fe built stock pens.  The Townsite Company gave 5 acres for a school.   About 1909 the Pecos and North Texas Railway, a construction subsidiary of the Santa Fe built four new brick buildings in the new town, on of them was the old Tuscola Hotel, which is still here today