Ordinance #85

Relating to the placement of mobile homes.  All new mobile homes being placed inside the city limits must meet certain guidelines, RV's must also follow certain new regulations.




Ordinance # 78

Regulating Peddlers.  All solicitors must have a permit issued by City Hall.  Citizens may put there address on a NO SOLICITORS LIST, come see us at City Hall to find out about this ordinance.


Ordinance #79

Regulating Golf Carts.  The City Council has passed an ordinance that permits the use of golf carts if you apply for a permit at City Hall, come see us about requirements.

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City of Tuscola
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Tuscola, TX 79562

325 554-7766


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City of Tuscola
418 Graham Street

Tuscola, TX 79562
City Hall is open during the following business hours:

Monday - Thursday
 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

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Phone- (325-554-7766)

 Directions to the Town Hall can be found at Map & Directions.